Winners of the 13h International Dinosaur Science Contest 2021



The Foundation for the Study of Dinosaurs in Castilla y León together with the Salas de los Infantes Dinosaur Museum jointly organized the XIII International Competition of Scientific Illustrations of Dinosaurs 2021 in April.

The main theme of the contest are illustrations about dinosaurs, which can represent reconstructions of animals in life (locomotion, reproduction, feeding, etc.), behavioral situations (hunting, fighting, family groups, herds and others), in their environment , the original fossils and the ecosystems they occupied. Other groups of illustrated living beings have been turtles, marine reptiles and pterosaurs, in addition to documenting the vegetation and characteristic landscapes of the Mesozoic.

It is the only contest of these characteristics that is held in Spain. Its quality is based on the jury that evaluates the works presented; This time it has been made up of a team of 5 specialists of different nationalities:

- Mark Witton (United Kingdom), paleontologist and paleoillustrator and Carlos Papolio (Argentina), paleoillustrator.

- Steve Brusatte (United States), paleontologist and professor at the University of Edinburgh and Rafael Royo Torres (Spain), Dinópolis Foundation and professor at the University of Zaragoza. Paleontologists specialized in dinosaurs.

- Diego Montero Huerta, member of the Scientific Committee of the Salas de los Infantes Dinosaur Museum (Spain).

In this thirteenth edition, a total of 33 illustrations by 14 paleo-illustrators from America (Argentina), Europe (Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy) and Asia (Iran and Vietnam) have been selected. In total 7 countries and 3 continents. The contest is consolidated as an international reference for artists of paleontology.

In a few days you will be able to see all the selected works in this Blog of the Fundación Dinosaurios CyL entitled "Selected works XIII International Competition of Scientific Illustrations of Dinosaurs 2021". And in person at the Exhibition that is already on display at the Salas de los Infantes Dinosaur Museum (Burgos) until April 2022.

The awards are financed by the Fundación Dinosaurios CyL and by the company Hernáiz Construcciones Hercam, S.L. The prizes awarded have been the following:


"Courtship of Ubirajara jubatus in the Crato Formation". Author: Daniel Navarro Guerrero (Spain).

Understory scene in the Crato Formation of Brazil in the Lower Cretaceous, featuring a pair of Ubirajara jubatus. Its tegumentary structures projected from its sides suggest its use as a courtship display, and allow speculation of sexual dimorphism. Around it we can see two Makarkinia kerneri, a small frog Eurycephalella alcinae and several dragonflies. Ferns Ruffordia goeppertii, Isoetites sp and fungi Gondwanagaricites magnificus complete the picture.

Technique used: digital painting.


"Two juvenile Tyrannosaurus". Author: Mohamad Haghani (Iran).

Tyrannosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaurs of the Upper Cretaceous period.

Technique used: a mixture of Zbrush and photoshop. Dinosaurs made with Zbrush and mixed background and lighting with Photoshop.



"The last sigh of the Europatitan del Oterillo II". Author: Daniel Navarro Guerrero (Spain).

Scene based on the El Oterillo II site, Burgos, where the remains of the Europatitan eastwoodi show bite marks and several teeth have been found showing signs of scavenging, in addition to the great diversity of this area in the early Cretaceous.

The Europatitan can be seen on the ground due to pathology, abandoned for the safety of a herd of other Europatitan accompanied by several iguanodontids.

The large animal attracts different predators that organize around it. A spinosaurid theropod is expelled by a carcharodontosaurid. Several dromaeosaurids keep their distances waiting their turn. Meanwhile, a small coelurosaurus, a basal tyrannosauroid, takes the opportunity to get closer without being seen and is surprised by Europatitan himself using his last strength.

Technique used: digital painting. In this case, the prize was awarded to "The last sigh of the Europatitan del Oterillo II", the same author as the first prize.

In this case, and as stated in the rules "no author may receive more than one award" ...

Finally, we would like to thank all the artists who have participated in this thirteenth edition with their wonderful illustrations. We are waiting for you next year!

Also of course, to the company Hernáiz Construcciones Hercam, S.L. for collaborating one more year with the Contest.

You can also see the selected works of Exhibition of the selected works of the 13th International Scientific Dinosaur Contest 2021 in the following link: