Costalomo, Dinosaur Museum, La Pedraja, Las Sereas 7, El Frontal

The LAND OF DINOSAURS route consists of a series of dinosaur ichnite (fossil track) sites that are located in the southeast of the province of Burgos.  The route starts in Quintanilla de las Viñas (Las Sereas 7 site), continuing to Mambrillas de Lara (La Pedraja site), Salas de los Infantes (Costalomo site and Dinosaur Museum) and lastly reaches Regumiel de la Sierra (El Frontal site).  The Dinosaur Museum of Salas de los Infantes exhibits bony remains of the dinosaurs that probably left these footprints and informs of the fauna and flora of the Mesozoic Era in this territory.

Three of the above mentioned sites are declared Heritage of Cultural Interest and therefore benefit of special protection. To guarantee their conservation, superficial cleaning and consolidation actions are carried out, along with crack sealing and mortar-sticking loose rock parts also.  The ensemble is protected from negative climatic and biological impacts with a wall, a roof or pergola and a gate.  The main objective is to guarantee that present and future generations enjoy the site.

The visitor will see and learn about the gait of the giant mesozoics when the Earth had different climates and oceans than today.  Not only will we admire the size or appearance of the ichnites, but also be conscious that we will be observing brief moments of the life of animals that ceased to exist millions of years ago.

Travelling through Sierra de la Demanda and Pinares can be pleasant when we also enjoy its cuisine, traditional architecture, monuments, environment, and the evocation of its extensive history or the company of its people.