Natural road "Green Route" of the Mining Railway

The recovery of the mining train in "La Demanda" opens to the public one of the best green roads of Spain


The impulse of Agalsa and the City councils of Sierra de la Demanda have obtained the investment of the Ministry of Environment of more than three million euros for the recovery and conversion of the old mining train Villafría-Monterrubio in a Natural Way, the Green Route of the Mining Railroad, that crosses the heart of La Demanda and reunites the best characteristics of these ecological footpaths.

The Green Route has supposed the recovery of tunnels - Barbadillo -, bridges - Valdedillo or Pradillo -, cleaning and consolidation of the layout, and the signaling of the most outstanding places where it crosses.

 Puede recorrerse en etapas y no se precisa un equipamiento especial. Muy indicada para ir con niños o con personas que no estén muy acostumbradas a caminar por el monte, dado su desnivel medio tendido.

 It is born in Arlanzón and it finishes 56 kilometers more ahead in Monterrubio de la Demanda, after passing next to Villasur de Herreros and Urrez, the dams of Úzquiza and Arlanzón, Pineda de la Sierra, port of El Manquillo, Riocabado de la Sierra, Barbadillo de Herreros and Bezares. Vetoed to the motorized traffic, the walkers, cyclists and riders, have in the Green Route one of the best alternatives to know the La Sierra de la Demanda. It can be crossed in stages and a special equipment does not need. It is very indicated to go with children or people who are not very use to walk in the mountain.

Stages of the Route


 Arlanzón - Pineda de la Sierra
During the first section of this stage you walk on a level land, little by little letting back the fields of crop to enter in land of  Sierra gradually. Soon we will be bordering the marsh of Arlanzón, that is to 30 meters below the layout. The horizons that we descried are opening as we arrived at Pineda de la Sierra, historical and beatiful place.

Pineda de la Sierra - Barbadillo de Herreros 
Exceeded Pineda we faced the section of El Manquillo, the summit of the layout. The tunnel of this port, closed to the transit, is opened mysteriously to the traveller. On the top of the port, the panoramic of the new slope that now is saw is impressive beauty. We will arrive at Riocabado de la Sierra, another  beautiful place. The stage ends in Barbadillo, locality that was the headquarters the Railway Company, but before we will cross the tunnel of the Ferrerías, an interesting experience.

Barbadillo - Monterrubio de la Demanda
The last section, following the east direction, will take us trough new trenches and luminous open valleys. The oakwood is extensive here, adding, with the are and other, beautiful colours in the autumn. The end of our trip is near; laid down in the slope dominating the valley, Monterrubio, villa of the Trashumancia.

The History of an imposible train


The life of the mining Railway of Sierra de la Demanda is the history of a broken dream. Richard Preece Williams, from Manchester, obtained in 1895 the licence to construct a railroad that united the mines of la Demanda with Burgos. The intention was to move the mineral to Bilbao, as well as carry travellers. The railroad was built in the last years of the XIX century and it doesn´t  work until 1904 because it was not profitable absolutely. In 1920 it was tried to recover the service by the company Mines and Railroads of Burgos, that made different works, also in vain. The two locomotives that were left in the routes were sold in 1941, and these were dismantled little later.

All the information of this route has been gave up by Agalsa-Sierra de la Demanda