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  • Dinosaurs Museum

    Welcome to the Web site of the Dinosaurs Museum of Salas de los Infantes. Visiting...

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    The LAND OF DINOSAURS route consists of a series of dinosaur ichnite (fossil track)...

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  • VII International Symposium about Dinosaurs Palaeontology and their Environment

    We embarked on a new conference, the seventh and with at least the same enthusiasm and...

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Dinosaurs diary. Number 10

Dinosaurs diary. Number 10


The Good, the Bad an the Ugly

The Good, the Bad an the Ugly

After filming A Fistful of Dollar and For a Few Dollars More in Almería, Spain, Film director Sergio Leone, moved his crew to Burgos in the summer of 1996 to...

Photo Gallery

Costalomo. Footprints of Atila in relief
General view of the tracks of Costalomo
Marking the prints
Measuring the prints
Paleontologists analysing the prints
Army collaboration
Excavation team of 2002
Guarding the pieces when transferring them to the Museum
Esquema de los fósiles encontrados.
Un momento de la excavación.
Una excavadora traslada los restos fósiles.
Visitas al Museo 4