Salas de los Infantes: September 5-7, 2019.

The Archaeological-Paleontological Collective of Salas has just published the first circular of the 8th International Conference on Paleontology of Dinosaurs and their surroundings that will take place, once again, in Salas de los Infantes in September 2019:

We start the VIII Paleontological Conference, with the dinosaurs as the main subject, but also with everything related to their biological environment. With an endorsement of more than 500 congressmen who have participated in the previous editions, this 2019 Congress also includes a special anniversary, since 20 years of conferences have been celebrated. The personal experiences are mixed with the scientific issues throughout this history that we have been able to build not only the organizers, but also the participants who have contributed their quality and their collaboration.

We want the 8th Conferences to be, once again, cause for satisfaction for all of us who embark on them. In Salas de los Infantes everyone will be welcome, not only for you to contribute your work, but also to enjoy a few days of coexistence and friendship.

We are waiting for you all in September: go ahead!